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Succeed In Automation with Custom Robotics Solutions

At GCG, we understand that an increase in productivity and a quick return on investment are the key drivers to automating your factory. As your local distributor, our goal is to understand your processes and workflows and suggest the best automation solutions for your needs.  We offer industrial robots, collaborative robots, mobile robots, and the necessary peripherals to solve your unique challenges.

GCG Automation & Factory Solutions provides the following to help you maximize your ROI and overall efficiency:

∙  Articulated Robots
∙  Dress Packs
∙  End-of-Arm Tooling
∙  Guarding & Extrusion
∙  Mobile Robots
∙  Machine Vision  


We offer industrial robots, collaborative robots, mobile robots and peripherals to solve your unique challenges.

Customized solutions for
Articulated Robots

from Doosan, Palz and Yaskawa Motoman

Customized solutions for
Mobile Robots

from MiR and Robotic Equipment

Customized Solutions with
Robotic Accessories

Including machine vision, end-of-arm tooling, dress packs, guarding and extrusion

We work with the top names in the industry to deliver customized, quality solutions.

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Your Source for Innovative Robotic Solutions

Product Demos

Our product specialists have the capability to provide live demonstrations of our robotic offerings at your facility or at your local GCG Automation & Factory Solutions location.

Site Visit / Application Review 

Our robotic experts offer site visits to discuss customer applications as well as manufacturing pain points to help you determine opportunities for automation. These experts will help identify applications for potential manufacturing improvements and provide solutions to optimize efficiencies, productivity, safety, and return on investment.

Proof of Concept 

We are happy to create a proof of concept that will instill confidence in the application.

Robot Sizing and Simulations 

Our Application Engineers and Robotic Specialists are on staff to help provide presale engineering expertise. We are able to consult on your application and help you define the parameters of your project. Robot simulations can be done to provide a reach analysis as well as a payload study to verify our solution will work as expected.  

Deployment Support and Training 

Our goal is to pass along our knowledge to empower customers with all the capabilities needed to deploy, program, troubleshoot, and support their robotic solutions. In addition to these value-added services, robot training is offered either onsite or at a GCG location. 

Maintenance and Service 

We aim to provide businesses with hassle-free operation, optimized performance, and peace of mind by ensuring their robotic systems are well-maintained and supported.

Common Solutions & Applications

  • Palletizing
  • Material Handling
    Material Handling
  • Machine Tending
    Machine Tending
  • Packaging
  • Assembly
  • Vision Guidance

    Vision Guidance


Q. What is GCG Robotics?

A. GCG Robotics is a leading robotics solutions provider offering industrial robots, collaborative robots, mobile robots, and the necessary peripherals to solve customers’ unique challenges. We work with the top names in the industry, both product manufacturers and integrated solution providers to deliver customized, quality solutions.

Q. Why Work With GCG Robotics?

A. GCG Robotics provides cutting-edge products that address our customers’ unique challenges, offering industry-leading solutions in robotics. We are experts of the products we represent and offer full support to our customers, both integrators, and end-users, guiding them from inception to completion.

Our key strengths and focus areas:

  • Product Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Operational Excellence
  • Process Flow Design
  • Engineering Economics
  • Automation Systems Design
Q. Why does GCG not charge the customer for consultations and site visits?

A. Our goal is to help our customers succeed in automation. Our experts conduct on-site visits to explore your applications, identifying automation opportunities that enhance efficiency, productivity, safety, and maximize return on investment. Based on our assessment, we determine the best solution for your need and receive either a distribution or a finders-fee from the solution provider.

Q. After we contact GCG Robotics, what does the typical process look like?

A. We start by visiting your site to analyze applications and pinpoint automation opportunities that improve efficiency, productivity, safety, and ROI. Then, we develop a computer simulation or a proof of concept to showcase the application's potential. Our team assists in defining project parameters by looking at processes upstream and downstream of the process at hand to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the entire workflow before proposal and implementation.

Increase ROI & Customer Satisfaction

Doosan's palletizing solutions can increase the efficiency of your operations. Check out our success stories to learn more.


About GCG Automation & Factory Solutions

GCG Automation & Factory Solutions consists of leaders in industrial automation: Advanced Controls & Distribution (ACD), Adcon Engineering, C&E Advanced Technologies, Empire, Neff Power, and Professional Control Corporation (PCC). We equip customers in various markets with innovative, technical solutions developed by industry-leading manufacturers.

GCG Automation & Factory Solutions provides automation solutions such as electrical accessories, industrial controls, machine safety, robotics, power distribution, sensing, vision, pneumatics, motion controls, connectivity/wire & cable and more to increase your operational efficiency. Our highly-qualified engineering teams are available to assess your needs and recommend the best product solutions to help you succeed.

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