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Jumpstart your HMI development project

Sign up for the Siemens TIA Portal WinCC Unified HMI Video Training Series to receive a video per day, for one month. This video training series starts with creating your first project, progresses through common HMI development tasks and ends with deployment options.

Why Siemens WinCC Unified?

It is the only visualization system that offers you the necessary flexibility and openness for your applications and convinces your operators with a uniquely consistent use and optimized user guidance.

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Training Course Syllabus

Lesson 01 - Create HMI Project - Add Unified Comfort Panel 
Lesson 02 - WinCC Unified Configuration and Runtime Manager
Lesson 03 - Simulation for Unified Comfort Panel
Lesson 04 - Basic Screen Navigation
Lesson 05 - Configure S7-1500 Connection between PLC and Unified Panel
Lesson 06 - Working with Tags
Lesson 07 - Configure HMI Screen - Momentary Button and IO field
Lesson 08 - Configure Appearance and Visibility Animations
Lesson 09 - Dynamically change text with Text/Resource Lists
Lesson 10 - Expression Animation

Lesson 11 - Popup Screens
Lesson 12 - JavaScript Introduction
Lesson 13 - Web Control
Lesson 14 - Alarms
Lesson 15 - Trends
Lesson 16 - Parameter Set (Recipe)
Lesson 17 - User Administration
Lesson 18 - Multi-Language project
Lesson 19 - Scheduled Tasks
Lesson 20 - Ethernet Project Transfer
Lesson 21 - USB Stick Project Transfer

Meet the Trainer

Kelly Anton Headshot_7

Kelly Anton - Application Engineer, GCG
Kelly has over 35 years of industrial automation engineering and technical training experience with a focus on PLC, HMI and SCADA technologies. As an author of many white papers, training manuals and online videos, Kelly provides tips and best practices for users of these solutions.


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